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Executive Rehab Centres about us
Executive Rehab Centres about us

About us executive rehab. ADUS Healthcare has been helping hundreds of people every year who are suffering from an addiction to either drugs or alcohol. This is our Executive Rehab Division which offers the finest drug and alcohol rehab in the UK in the finest rehabilitation centres available.

We have also set up many other help services in the UK. Our Addiction Forum  and our very popular Addiction Helpline just to name a few.

About us – Why use ADUS Healthcare

About us – There are a lot of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres throughout the UK. We strongly believe our residential rehabilitation centres give you the best chance of recovery. You do not have to go to the most expensive centre, as they may not be the best option for you and your addiction. You may not want to do the 12 steps? Also you may wish to be in a small centre with a maximum of 6 people. Whatever you are looking for, I know we have got it available. After all. You do not want to find you have just spent £1000’s at a drug and alcohol rehab centre to end up sitting with forty 21 year old crack cocaine addicts when you have a drinks problem at the age of 55.

Get the right centre for you

It is important you find the correct rehabilitation centre which is best for your needs. It is also very important you stay there. This is because with a lot of rehabilitation centres, if you end up walking out after two days, you will lose all your money you have paid the centre. Whatever your needs, call ADUS Healthcare today on 0845 3881 543 and let us help you through these difficult times. We do care and we can help you as we have done to so many others over the years.