Executive Rehab video
Executive Rehab video

Video. An introduction into ADUS Healthcare. Watch our short 3 minutes video about drug and alcohol rehabilitation in the UK and what we offer. If you have any questions or there are things in the film we did not cover, please call us on 0845 3881 543

Video РThis is our introductory video into ADUS Healthcare. This should give you a good insight to what we offer in the way of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We have centres available across the UK. And will have one near you so why not call us now to discuss your needs. Maybe even have a free assessment to see how long you are going to need in rehab. Or how long your detox will take. Also we are here to help and all our staff are trained in this industry. We have done our best to cover the basics of life in a drug or alcohol rehabilitation centre. If you find we have missed anything out of great importance, please go to our questions page on this website and contact us. Your help on this matter is much appreciated.

Now you have come this far into this website and you are reading this much, why not give us a call on 0845 3881 543 and see how we can help you. Our team are here 24 hours a day, every day, and we only let trained members of staff answer our phones. You are welcome to visit any of our centres before you commit to getting the help you need.

ADUS Healthcare

Just to recap, we are open 24 hours a day and look forward to your phone call. You can contact us through the questions section on this website if you prefer. We are happy for you to visit any of our centres for a day to see if you like them. Our number is 0845 3881 543